Our Mission & Process

Jean Tori Books is an imprint of Jean Tori Design Ltd.

Mission: Our aim is to create high-quality and beautiful books from Jean’s original artwork. Jean’s incredible use of colour and detail will enthral children and adults alike. Jean’s art is rich in texture and meaning and we believe children, in particular, will enjoy delving into her collages of colour and humour, where their imaginations will be stimulated and intrigued. We intend to create characters who have strong voices surrounded by interesting worlds. Our stories will feature themes of exploration, friendship and cooperation.

Artistic process: Jean’s creative process is a combination of bold imagination, technical skill, vivid use of colour based on colour theory, ability for storytelling, observation and sense of humour. One of the reasons Jean’s paintings are even more unique is that she makes her own paper canvases. By applying multiple layers of mulberry paper with a water and flour glue (like papier-mâché), drying each layer, she continually builds up the layers, transforming the canvas into a paper screen. This surface also has a rich texture upon which Jean can paint. First of all, however, Jean’s pencil drawings are finalised and then traced onto tracing paper. The pencil drawing is then transferred onto her paper canvas and once in place she then paints using tempera (gouache) that dries mat. Anthinula is in the process of filming both Jean’s paper making and painting process, soon to be viewed on YouTube.

Our Projects

The Wizards and the Whale is the first art-based children’s book by Jean in collaboration with her daughter Anthinula. It will be launched on the 8th May 2019.  Although this is a one-off book each of the wizards is connected to Jean and Anthinula’s 9-book Animal Adventure Series. The wizards will appear as wise mentors in each animal’s adventure story.

The first book in the Animal Adventure Series is the illustrated story book - Leo’s Birthday Adventure and will be launched in August 2019.