Art and Paintbrushes

Jean has a vast collection of paintbrushes, many of which she bought while living in Hong Kong. Jean uses the majority of her paintbrushes, but others are part of her collection for their beauty and design.

Umbrian Chaekori with Chicken Carpets by Jean Tori 2021

Some of these include specific paintbrushes utilised for different artistic styles, such as calligraphy and ink wash paintings. Jean’s Asian collection of paintbrushes are all made of bamboo with rat, sable and hog bristle.

As Jean’s Chinese paintbrushes get consumed, she replenishes her stock with more modern versions made from wood, from art shops in Citta’ di Castello and Rome in Italy, as well as London ( and Glasgow (

Jean Tori Art Studio paintbrushes and colour samples

In this photograph, you can also see some brushes that Jean uses to remove any dust from her paper canvases once the paint is dry. Aside from the paintbrushes' many functions and aesthetic design, this essential tool is also often artistically inspiring.

Paintbrushes in Blue and White Vase by Jean Tori in the studio_c