Arts & Crafts: Christmas Decorations

We have been experimenting and creating Christmas decorations using all the wrapping paper and cards that we saved from last year.

You will need:

  • any type of emulsion glue;
  • something to glue the paper onto (we chose plastic baubles that had chocolate in them);
  • scissors;
  • and a brush to attach the glue and all the bits and bobs, wrapping paper and that you saved from the previous Christmas festivities.
Photo blog decorations no. 1

You can cover the containers with up-cycled decorative wrapping paper and plain coloured paper. Apply the glue on the surface of the container and attach paper.

As you fold the two ends like you were wrapping a gift, make sure you've applied glue in all the nooks and crannies and hold down so that it dries.

Photo blog decorations no. 2

You can cut out sections of the cards and glue onto the decorations. Finish by wrapping them in ribbons so you can hang them up.

Photo blog decorations no. 3

Here is a detail of some snippets of Jean's cards glued onto the decorations. This is arts and crafts that will be messy, fun and silly! To display we cut a bamboo branch to hang up all the decorations. Upcycled, recycled and creative!

Photo blog decorations no. 4

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