Birthday Chair Paintings

Every year I give Ugo a painting for his birthday and lately I have been adding to our collection of paintings of chairs. I love chairs because they can be used for everything – to sit on while painting, to podge bags and scarves and coats over, to decorate a home or even just to be seen as artistic elements.

This was the first chair I painted in 1975, which I gave to Ugo for his birthday. It’s a corner of our house in Seoul.

Bamboo Chair

'Bamboo Chair' Tempera on handmade paper

This year I went with the water theme, a Chinese chair and the Umbrian magpies who fly into our garden. The title of the painting is “Don’t Get Your Legs Wet”. My play on words refers to the legs of the chair, but it could also extend its reference to the magpies too and possibly whoever sits in the chair!

"Don't Get Your Legs Wet"

"Don't Get Your Legs Wet" Tempera on handmade paper