The Wizards and the Whale

The Wizards and the Whale is a fully illustrated story book with an inspiring tale that centres on finding solutions through collaboration and cooperation.

Elliot and the Perfect Wave

The second book in the Animal Adventures series. This is a tale of a pig named Elliot who has a dream of surfing the perfect wave.

Leo’s Birthday Adventure

This is our very first story in the Animal Adventure series! It all begins with Leo the Falcon’s birthday party idea to get all of his friends together.

Jean Tori’s Alphabet Story

Our first book in the Alphabet Story collection, illustrated by Jean with tales of dogs and their alphabet letter wish lists.

The Revenge of the Milanese Butcher

The first novel of the Gertrude Wine Mysteries, by Anthinula Tori, titled “The Revenge of the Milanese” to be re-published to include The Secret Milan Travel Guide. Launching in Summer 2020.

The Umbrian Medieval Herb Garden

A mystery set in the Umbrian Upper Tiber Valley where Gertrude Wine investigates another crime surrounded by food. This is the 2nd book in the Gertrude Wine Mystery series by Anthinula Tori. To be published in Autumn 2020.

Ghost Story Collection

A series of Victorian ghost stories set in England and Scotland, by Anthinula Tori. To be published in Autumn 2020.

Creativity and Paintbrush Stories

A book about creativity, authenticity and imagination. In development with Jean and Anthinula Tori. To be launched in the summer of 2021.

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