The Wizards and the Whale

The Wizards and the Whale Children's Book Cover

The Wizards and the Whale is an inspiring story about twelve wizards from different kingdoms who each receive a call on the wind. They are all invited to the wild island where the mysterious Worldly Wizard awaits them. Each wizard embarks on their individual journey to reach this important destination.

The wizards meet up and discover that the mysterious Worldly Wizard is in fact Willow the Whale, who travels the world listening and collecting knowledge. She knows that the world needs help. She understands that these wise wizards and their animal friends need to collaborate and work out a plan about how to help the ailing world. The wizards come up with an idea that they will send out a message to the whole world. Their message will be carried in the wind so that it reaches everyone.

The style of the artwork is graphic, colourful and complex, but it is still an illustrative storybook so young audiences will be both stimulated and challenged. The story showcases diverse international characters and geographically diverse locations. Launched 8th May 2019.


You can download some of the artwork from the book as colouring sheets!


Available in both hardback and ebook formats. Click the links below.