Ceramics and Art

When Jean first arrived in Umbria back in the late 90s she discovered many regional artisans and craft traditions.

Deruta is a town south of Perugia that specialises in ceramic wares. Jean often visited a well-known potter, Ubaldo Grazia at Grazia Maioliche (http://www.ubaldograzia.com), who suggested that they paint one of her paintings onto a plate. Jean chose a minimalist landscape inspired by the nearby Valley of Norcia.

Norcia Landscape by Jean Tori 2021


There were various unglazed clay plates and bowls at the Grazia Maioliche ceramics studio. Jean chose a very modern sushi dish, as she liked the shape and dimensions.

An inhouse artist painted the dish with a ceramic glaze, copying Jean’s painting, and it was then fired in the kiln.

Here is the final result.

Jean Tori Norcia Painting on Plate with coloured pencils 2021-small

Later on, Jean found a small printing studio in Citta’ di Castello that could print her artwork on tiles. The interesting thing about artistic collaboration is that artwork can be transformed and experienced in many different mediums.

Here are some of the tiles with Jean’s teapot and landscape designs that are now hanging in her kitchen.

Jean Tori artwork on kitchen tiles 2021