Chinese Zodiac Cards and the Friends of the Art Museum

It has been 20 years since I first collaborated with the Friends of the Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I provided them with these 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals for a collection of cards way back when in 1986 for their charity, which provides annual scholarships to art students at the Chinese University. Since then we have collaborated on a number of Christmas cards.

12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac cards

12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac cards

Recently Sandra Walters Consultancy had a small sale of my paintings in Hong Kong so we could once again collaborate and a certain amount of the proceeds will be donated to the Friends charity.

Here is one of my favorite paintings at the gallery, (in the photo it is still attached to one of the wooden boards I glue the paper to). All the chickens and roosters are Umbrian, but the landscape is very similar to Korean folk art paintings.

Year of the Rooster III

'Year of the Rooster III'

When everyone arrived for the viewing, we managed to Skype, notwithstanding I was in snowbound Umbria. It was incredible to catch up with old friends and new and do a show-and-tell about paper making at such a distance. Paper is fabulous, but so is technology!

Here is the Friends’ website