Ideas for Decorating Christmas Wreaths

We first got inspired by the Country Living Christmas magazines over the years that always had wonderful homemade wreaths.

Ivy Christmas Wreath by Anthinula Tori 2020

This year, we thought we'd create our own (see image), which is a combination of dried wisteria twine and two types of ivy.

We were thinking of ways to decorate the wreath using upcycled materials and had an idea to use old cards and pieces of wrapping paper.

You will also need scissors and string, and if you like, coloured paper.

Collect and trim (we chose circle shapes) all the images that inspire you.

Materials to Decorate Wreath Jean Tori Design 2020
Version 2 Christmas Wreath with Jean Tori Design 2020 (1)

We cut out red and green paper leaves and tied them with string to the trimmed pictures. These were then tied to the wreath.

The best thing about homemade wreaths is all about invention and creativity!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!