Dragon and Rabbit Cards

Every year I paint a card, because as much as email is incredibly useful, I still love the written word, especially when it arrives in a card in the mail. For some years I painted a  Christmas motive and other times it was more about celebrating the Chinese New Year, so I painted the animal of that year.

Last year was the Year of the Rabbit and I redid one of my favorite designs – ‘The Jigsaw Rabbit’. There is that notion that we are made up of lots of pieces, which I find both humorous and interesting, and I also enjoyed the care-free and light-hearted aspect of a rabbit in a field with a kite! The fields were inspired by the lentil flowers of the Norcia Valley in Umbria.

Jigsaw Rabbit

'Jigsaw Rabbit' card

This year, since both the Year of the Dragon and water are so important and such strong symbols, I added the water element too. As I have written before, it’s always a good excuse for waves!

Water Dragon

'Water Dragon' card

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