How To Make A Festive Paper Chain

For our Christmas-inspired Arts and Crafts here is a festive paper chain idea. You will need:

  • paper;
  • transparent sellotape (Scotch tape);
  • and scissors.

You can recycle wrapping paper, paint newspaper, use coloured paper, or even draw and colour plain white paper.

We used our samples of wrapping paper made by photocopying one of Jean’s cards titled “Bird in a Kumquat Tree”.

Paper made with Jean Tori painting Bird in a Kumquat Tree 2020

The first step is to cut the paper into strips. The size of the paper strips can vary depending on how wide a paper chain you want. We went with a width that was roughly two inches (5-6cm) and a length of eight inches (21-22cm).

The second step is to take a length of paper and roll it so that both the ends of the paper meet and then tape them together.

What you will need to make a paper chain Jean Tori Design 2020
Making a paper chain Jean Tori Design 2020

Finally, take the next piece and slip it through the first paper circle and again, repeat and tape the ends of the 2nd piece together. Continue on for as long a paper chain as you want.

It’s a simple idea and a great way to create a festive decoration to add some colour. And paper chains are perfect if you have a non-functioning fireplace!

Paper chain decorating fireplace Jean Tori Design 2020