How To Make Your Own Art-Inspired Christmas Crackers

We've created some Christmas crackers with a twist! Here's how you can make your very own Christmas crackers...

Jean Tori Art Design Christmas crackers 2020

You will need:

  • some crepe paper, wrapping paper and/or any other special paper;
  • scissors;
  • toilet paper rolls;
  • ribbon and/or string;
  • tiny gifts or chocolate to fill the crackers.

Next, fill the paper toilet roll with your gifts.

Then wrap the coloured papers around your toilet paper roll and tie the ends with some colourful ribbon or string.

Tip: To stop the gifts falling out you can push some crepe paper in the ends before tying.

Christmas Crackers with Jean Tori artwork paper design 2020
Jean Tori inspired Christmas crackers 2020

Alternatively, just roll the paper around the empty toilet roll tube and tie a colourful ribbon or piece of string around the middle or ends to use as decorations. This is a great way to recycle the paper and ribbon all over again!