Leo’s Birthday Adventure Book Design

The design of our children's book, "Leo's Birthday Adventure" was somewhat of a challenge for various reasons. One of the issues was that some of Jean's paintings were smaller in proportion compared to the size of the book.

Leo Birthday Adventure Leo Birthday Cake design page Jean Tori version 1

The solution to the sizing issue was to add details around the paintings. This is an example regarding the last pages of the book where we included miniature drawings surrounding Jean’s painting, “Leo's Birthday Cake”.

Leo Birthday Adventure Leo Birthday Cake Page Desiign Version 2 Jean Tori

As the design of the final pages evolved, including a more colourful background in yellow, we realised, however, that it might be better if we kept it simple.

Leo Birthday Adventure final page design Jean Tori version 4


Here is the final version in the book “Leo’s Birthday Adventure”. By adding colour, there was less need for the drawings around the illustration, and we also decided that red was more visually pleasing.

Leo Birthday Adventure final pages Design version 5 Jean Tori