Leo’s Birthday Adventure Cover Design

Designing the cover of our children's book "Leo's Birthday Adventure" was a design adventure of its own. We first chose Jean's illustration of lighthouses and sailing ship and then added a painted cut-out of Leo the Falcon to best represent the story.

2. Leo's Birthday Adventure Cover design work Jean Tori 2019

We added a Prussian blue background and worked on the title design. Jean drew her own font, but there were issues about where the title would go and what colours would complement the illustration's original colour scheme.

3. Leo's Birthday Adventure Cover Title Design Jean Tori 2019

Jean painted various coloured titles in a different font and we placed them to the right of the page. However, we preferred the title centred and it was beginning to look a bit too much like a collage and not a cover.

4. Leo's Birthday Adventure Title Work in Progress Jean Tori 2019

Due to the many issues, Jean decided to paint the cover so that all the elements could be cohesive, with the title as part of the painting situated in the ship's sail. This meant that Jean could also paint the back cover of the book so it would all look like one illustration.

5. Leo's Birthday Adventure Cover Version 1 work in progress Jean Tori 2019

This was Jean’s finished version, however, it felt like there was something missing. The illustration didn't quite fully portray the spirit of adventure and we realised that it was missing movement.

6. Cover Version 1 Leo's Birthday Adventure Jean Tori 2019

So, Jean decided to repaint the cover (here work-in-progress). This version had the ship sailing the high seas as Leo, with spread out wings, captained the ship.

7. Leo's Birthday Adventure Final Cover Work in Progress Jean Tori 2019

Here is Jean's final painting of the cover of “Leo’s Birthday Adventure” - colourful and joyous!

8.FInal Leo's Birthday Adventure Cover by Jean Tori 2019