Paper Canvas Making: Part 2

To make Jean's special paper canvases, firstly, assemble all the necessary elements from the previous blog post "Paper Canvas Making Part 1".

Take the glue out of the fridge/refrigerator. It may be thick like a panna cotta - see what Jean is holding in the photograph.

Alternatively, the glue may appear more like thick porridge, as seen in this photograph. Take a portion of the glue (about 1/4) and pass it through a sieve to get rid of any lumps.


Add enough cold water for a liquid consistency. The glue has to be liquid enough to be able to brush it onto the paper.



Use a soft brush to cover the paper with the glue.



Once the paper is covered in glue, lift it up carefully and place it on the wooden frame.

Jean Tori placing paper onto the frame part 1
Jean teaching Giulia how to make a paper canvas 2021

Whether you’re using a large piece of paper and covering the entire frame, or smaller pieces of paper, the important thing is that at least two sides of the paper are touching the wooden frame. Gently press down on the paper so that it fixes onto the wood frame. You can either use your hands or a soft brush to press down on the paper.


Make sure you wrap the residual paper around the rest of the wooden frame.

As the paper is delicate, it’s best to use your hands for this part.

Jean and Giulia wrapping paper around wooden frame 2021

Place the panel in a ventilated area or outside to dry. For this first layer, it can even dry directly in the sunshine.

For the process of adding the next paper layers, look out for Part 3!