Paper Canvas Making: Part 3

Once the first layer of your paper canvas is dry, you can prepare the next layer. Get your paper ready and spread the glue all over it with a soft brush (see glue recipe and paper specifications in the blog “Paper Canvas Making: Part 1”).

Make sure the glue is well-absorbed all over the paper.

Make sure the paper is laid evenly over the first layer.

Very carefully place the glue-covered paper onto the wooden frame, positioning it on top of the first layer of dried paper.

Make sure the paper is laid evenly over the first layer.

Jean laying paper down on the first dried layer of paper

If you need to, carefully pull the paper straight.

Once the paper is straightened on the wooden frame, use your hands to press the rest of the paper around the edges of the wooden frame.

Jean in art studio pressing paper around frame edges

Continue pressing the paper all the way around the edges.

Jean pressing down paper on the wooden frame edges

Make sure to press the paper along the entire wooden frame, front and back.

Jean Tori lifting wooden frame of the paper canvas

If there are any bubbles under the paper, pass a soft brush over the canvas (as if you were gently sweeping) and brush them out.

Jean brushing out air bubbles in paper 2021

Then, “beat” the paper with a stiff bristle brush so that the top glue-covered layer of paper really sticks to the dry layer underneath.

Jean pummelling the paper canvas

Remember to brush-pummel extremely carefully after you have added the second layer of paper so as not to make a hole because the canvas isn’t yet that sturdy.

Jean brush pummelling paper canvas in the art studio

By “hitting” the paper you ensure that the top glue-covered layer is firmly attached to the dry paper underneath, especially where there is the wooden frame. As you add more layers, the canvas becomes thicker and you can wallop the paper a bit harder.

Jean with brush making paper canvas

Brush-pummel the paper situated on the edges of the wooden frame too.

Jean Pummelling the Sides of the Wooden Frame

To further attach the paper, turn the frame over and brush-pummel the inner section of the paper within the wooden frame.

Jean pummelling the inner section of the paper

Then, let the paper dry in an airy space or outside in the sunshine. It is important that the layer of paper you have just added dries completely before adding the next layer.

Jean with drying paper canvas in the art studio

Look out for Part 4 - coming soon!