Paper Canvas Making: Part 4

When your paper canvas has dried thoroughly you will need to remove it from the wooden frame. You will need a Stanley knife (retractable utility knife) to cut the paper along the wooden frame edge.

Continue to cut all around the paper canvas along the edge of the wooden frame.

Once cut, slowly and carefully use your hands to put pressure on the inner corners of the paper canvas from the back of the wooden frame.

Continue to push the paper firmly away from the frame along each of the corners and edges.

4 Jean removing paper canvas from wooden frame
5 Jean pushing out the paper from wooden frame

Very slowly you can begin to push the paper off of the frame.


Continuing pushing the paper all along the frame.

7 Jean removing paper canvas


You can then remove the paper canvas from the wooden frame.


Pull and remove the paper canvas completely away from the frame.

8 Jean pulling off paper from wooden frame

Once your paper canvas has been removed from the frame you can begin to draw, colour, paint, or even write on it.

9 Wooden frame for paper canvas making Jean Tori

We'd love to hear how you got on making your own paper canvas! Let us know in the comments...