Post-Christmas Upcycle Project

Here's a suggestion to keep all your Christmas cards, wrapping paper, ribbons and tags - because then you will have a great collection of supplies for next year's Arts and Crafts designs.

Jean Tori Christmas Cards portrait 2021

Here's our list for next year's festive ideas. Some are designs we've worked out and some will need to be invented.

1) Recycled Christmas decorations - a work-in-progress.

2) Bunting flags

3) Decorated boxes and tins

4) Advent calendars (see Jean's version below)

5) Pop-up cards

6) Dioramas

7) Garland decorations

8) Panorama collage Christmas cards


Do you have any other ideas to recycle or upcycle leftover Christmas supplies? Let us know.

Jean Tori Advent Calendar
Jean Tori Advent Calendar