Thirty-six Views Of Mount Caiporri in the Snow

A few years ago we were snowed in at Caiporri, much like we are now, and I started a series of snow views, taking inspiration from Hokusai’s ‘Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji’. I have painted 10 so far, which isn’t a lot considering they are tiny miniatures (roughly 8cm/12cm – 3in/5in) and along minimalist lines. (See the header of the blog for one I painted in 2008). I made a thick board with the mulberry paper and water and flour glue and then cut them up into small pieces and each year I see the views from my studio and the paintings come to me.

Here is the first in a series of four snow view miniatures from 2010.

Snow Views I

Snow Views I

The following two paintings were from 2009 and also from a set of 4.

Snow View of Caiporri I

Snow View of Caiporri I

Snow View of Caiporri II

'Snow View of Caiporri II'

2012. Just the one… Finally blue skies!

Blue Sky Snow

'Blue Sky Snow'

Here is the website of Caiporri, but only summer images so far.