Where There is Bamboo There is Harmony

Blue Bamboo pattern design by Jean Tori

The colour of green bamboo is beautiful. The shape of the stems and leaves also provide a harmonious design. We love that this pattern was invented by nature. At dusk the bamboo turns a deep hue so that green is not the first colour that you see. It transforms into a deeper shade of aqua…

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Spring has arrived and, as the greens emerge from the woods and fields, I notice that the bamboo is evergreen. Bamboo has always been a part of my artwork and after being happily surrounded by it in Hong Kong, I immediately planted it in my Umbrian garden. Bamboo artwork. Bamboo pop up card? This was…

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Graphic Alphabet Paintings

After a recent trip to Oxford, the newly renovated Ashmolean Museum had some fantastic publicity surrounding a few ongoing renovations. The clever publicity campaign gave me an idea for a graphic alphabet book. Here are A & B. A is for Autumn Apples B is for Blue Bamboo http://www.ashmolean.org/

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