Year of the Horse Pop-Up in the 2014 M Restaurant Diary

Year of the Horse pop-up by Jean Tori

Jean’s Year of the Horse pop-up page is in this year’s M Diary (M-Restaurant Group – M on the Bund in Shanghai) and we love it!! Michelle Garnaut has done it again with her absolutely stunning diary. To order a copy, or find out where the bookshops are in China and Hong Kong go to:…

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Pigs and Lighthouses Part 2

This is the finished painting of Elliot the Pig and the lighthouses on the beach for one of the children’s book. I will tell you about Elliot’s journey later on, but for now, the technical journey of this painting was as follows: After I made the paper and let it dry for a few days,…

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Chinese Zodiac Cards and the Friends of the Art Museum

It has been 20 years since I first collaborated with the Friends of the Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I provided them with these 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals for a collection of cards way back when in 1986 for their charity, which provides annual scholarships to art students at the Chinese University.…

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