Tulips in Amsterdam by Jean Tori

Tulip Painting Inspired by Amsterdam

Inspiration comes in many shapes, experiences and mediums and stories. Jean’s tulip-inspired painting, Tulips in Amsterdam, is an interesting combination of these elements. Jean got ideas from tales of Amsterdam travels and photographs of heron-filled canals. Although tulips are everywhere in Amsterdam, they also grow in abundance in our garden in Umbria in the spring. So, bunches of multi-coloured tulips are always available to paint. This time, however, Jean was inspired to incorporate Dutch design into her painting.  The blue and white table cloth was inspired by the art deco of Amsterdam, found in the architecture and porcelain-filled windows.

Blue Houses photo by Anthinula Tori

Blue and white architecture of Amsterdam in a photograph by Anthinula Tori

Of course, Jean isn’t the only artist to be inspired by tulips. The Dutch artist Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder featured tulips in his many flower-inspired artworks including “Still life of flowers 1614”. You can find out more about Tulip Paintings and other famous flower paintings here: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-van-gogh-okeeffe-art-historys-famous-flowers

Another tulip painting by Jean can be seen here: https://jeantoridesign.com/artwork/#images-27