Year of the Horse pop-up by Jean Tori

Jean’s Year of the Horse pop-up page is in this year’s M Diary (M-Restaurant Group – M on the Bund in Shanghai) and we love it!! Michelle Garnaut has done it again with her absolutely stunning diary. To order a copy, or find out where the bookshops are in China and Hong Kong go to:

All the variations of artwork that go into making the pop-up is like a miniature paper installation. It’s also a big challenge for Jean to think of the final image as a three-dimensional painting and then reproduce it. Fortunately,  Jean is not only an amazing painter, she is also an incredible paper engineer! Of course, the pleasure of seeing the final product always provides a lot of motivation, even when the idea is complex.

As for the artistic process, which started last year in March 2013, Jean painted the main page and then all the pop-up pieces separately (horses, trees and hillocks), cut them out and then did her own mock up.

Here are the separate painted horses.

Painted Horses by Jean Tori

Painted horses by Jean Tori for the Diary of M Restaurant Shanghai 2014











Here is a piece of the landscape of the main page and some painted trees.

Landscape and Trees by Jean Tori

Landscape and trees by Jean Tori for the Horse pop-up page








Here is a mock up of all the separate pieces to see what the pop-up will eventually look like.

Year of the Horse mock up by Jean Tori

Mock up of the Year of the Horse pop-up page by Jean Tori