The Year of the Tiger

The third animal in the twelve-year Asian zodiac cycle is the Tiger (see dates below).

The life of one born in the Year of the Tiger is filled with the love of adventure and an addiction to excitement, definitely not moderation. Always ready to jump into action, this zodiac sign would not mind in the least that whilst in mid-air they were also propelled into the spotlight. Just another cherry on the cake.

Detail of Jungle Tiger by Jean Tori 2008

Of course, it would be best if all the attention from the spotlight was eclectic and electric and not hovering and suffocating. The Tiger person is unpredictable and mercurial and never thrilled about being confined by traditional roles and rules.

These untraditional characteristics of the Tiger may explain why they can be both rebellious and quick-tempered, and yet, at the same time, sympathetic, sensitive and warm-hearted. Theirs is a complex journey full of surprises.

Impulsive and fearless, the curious Tiger will forge ahead against all challenges. They will occasionally make hasty decisions, although there is nothing rash about them being gentle and enthusiastic. For these reasons, those born in the Year of the Tiger make wonderful travelling companions, and not just through the jungle. That is, however, if they don't hastily decide to eat you. Whatever happens, it will be a memorable adventure.

Years of the TIGER:

Jan 31, 1938 to Feb 18, 1939;

Feb 17, 1950 to Feb 5, 1951;

Feb 5, 1962 to Jan 24, 1963;

Jan 23, 1974 to Feb 10, 1975;

Feb 9, 1986 to Jan 28, 1987;

Jan 28, 1998 to Feb 15, 1999;

Feb 14, 2010 to Feb 2, 2011.

Tiger Detail of Woodland Wizard by Jean Tori The Wizards and the Whale