The Year of the Snake

The Snake is the sixth animal in the twelve-year Asian Zodiac cycle (see dates below).

Those born in the Year of the Snake amalgamate intelligence with charm. Although sociable and charismatic, they are also mysterious and one of the most enigmatic of the zodiac signs. The interesting thing is that the cerebral and philosophical Snake enjoys this combination of complex characteristics.

The Snake person is wise, alert and acute, and will ponder and assess every situation in order to satisfy their awareness of the world that surrounds them. That said, even when the facts are in hand, they will still tend to rely on their first impressions and feelings.

Snake in Party Dress Jean Tori

Call it a sixth sense, clairvoyance, or just plain intuition, the Snake sign usually possesses all three and sometimes these intuitive senses are even more useful than the Snake's acquired wisdom.

Whatever their source of insight, they are quick in their decision-making and determined in all their undertakings.

People born in the Year of the Snake are filled with much goodwill and open to sharing, including their appreciation of the lovely things in life. Abundance surrounds them.

Years of the SNAKE:

Jan 27, 1941 to Feb 14, 1942;

Feb 14, 1953 to Feb 2, 1954;

Feb 2, 1965 to Jan 20, 1966;

Feb 18, 1977 to Feb 6, 1978;

Feb 6, 1989 to Jan 26, 1990;

Jan 24, 2001 to Feb 11, 2002;

Feb 10, 2013 to Jan 30, 2014.